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Bill And Coo
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Bill And Coo
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CH Anquilla´s Sand BillAndCoo

Born: 11.02.2015
Weight at the age of 6 months: 4,450 kg
EMS: n - black solid
Tests: Felv, FIV - negativ
HCM, PKD, SMA, PK def - negativ
 Screening 13/09/2016
HCM - negativ
PKD - negativ
ULTRASOUND: 01/2018 HCM N/N, PKD free

Bambulka, how we call her, is our the very fist baby born in our cattery, she has special place in our hearts for many reasons. Mamba was allways a great mummy, enjoyed her maternity leave very much, however as we allways want the best for our cats, mother nature decided differently than our plans were, so she became our happy neuter. Bambulka is mummy of litter D and F and now she is taking care about all other babies we have - good auntie 

Glamour Arwen BillandCoo

Date of Birth: 27.12.2016
EMS: n0922 - black blotched tabby with white

Arwen was born as a first one from littel G. She is our little darling with unique personality.

Leaena Whole Lotta Love

Born: 06.07.2014
EMS: f22

Vivi came to us from our good friend, breeder Elena Vignato, together with Prada. Vivi is our big love since she arrived, she has a special meaning to us. She loves my husband the most, she is like his shadow, sleeping with him, sitting in his arms, head...I can´t even describe it...she is unique. She gave us wonderful babies - however mother nature decided that she should live as a happy pet and we respected it with pleasure


Date of birth:2.7.2013

This beauty came to us as a second and the reason I bought her was that I didnt want to leave Milu alone.
Sissy is fantastic cat, big and very strong girl. Her lovely character is just a plus. She is very talkative-she could talk all the time. And of course she needs to feel the company-she doesnt like to be alone. Every day I have her on my knees. She loves our dog-they are funny  group. She is our queen with her own and stubborn mind. Sissy was neutered in age of nearly 1 year. After her arrival I decided to start with a breeding.
She loves: talking and cuddling

Bill And Coo
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