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Our litter P was born on 17/02/2018.

We have 4 babies

Parents are Galliano by Imagine Glamour X Ice Chocolate BillAndCoo



Our Babette won best in show both days in Prague Fife show in kitten class 4-7 months

We are very happy



We are very happy to inform you that our Narnia by Imagine Glamour won BEST IN SHOW in Ostrava Fife show

She was already in adult class in age of 10 months and we are very proud that she did it despite her age.

Our Litters N and O have been born in December 2017

More info in section Kittens


Babies arrived
Our new 2 litters have been born
Litter L
Born 17/07/2017
Felis Admiranda V´Bascija X Galliano by Imagine Glamour
Litter M was born 23/07/17
Parents are Diamond in the Sky BillAndCoo X Hugo Laguna Leo
Kiki a Ares

Litter K is in this world
On 17/04 our Snehu gave birth to our Easter surprises :-)
We have our first white kittens and as well first red girls :-) more info soon


Litter J was born
On 07/04/17 our litter J was born, parents are
Dario Mainelynx X Bystra Liwia
We have 2 girls - n22, more info soon


Expecting 2 litters
If all will go how it should, we will have new kittens in April 2017
This time we are expecting 2 litters
Bystra Liwia X Mainelynx Dario
Adrastia Excellence X Galliano by Imagine Glamour
We are really looking forward to them and more info as soon as they will be born

BillAndCoo Dancing Queen

This beauty who lives in a wonderful family in Spain became:


I´m really proud of her and thank you Radka Vacíková that you made this miracle to happen.

Proud father is NW Benedict by Imagine Glamour, JW and mother is CH Anquilla´s Sand BillAndCoo.

I would like to thank you HUGO GARCIA (cattery El Gato Sin Botas) that you spent your time with our Quennie on the shows and you achieved such 

amazing results! She found the best home ever as you and your family is simply wonderful.


Litter I was born

Litter I was born on 18.01.2017

Parents are:

Mainelyx Dario X Leaena Whole Lotta Love


More info soon

Litter H has been born

Our H litter has been born on 07.01.2017

Parents are

Felis Admiranda V´Bascija X Afterglow Echo of Magic

More info later




Litter G has been born

Our litter G has been born on 27.12.2016 - more info soon

Parents: Siberia AfonyaCoon X Echo of Magic Afterglow



Expecting litter F

With pleasure we announce that our litter F has been born on 21.11.2016

Proud parents are Afterglow Echo of Magic (Prstík) X Anquilla´s Sand BillAndCoo (Mamba)



More info later

Litter E has been born

With a big pleasure we announce that litter E has been born.

Proud parents:

Afonya Coon Siberia X Mainelynx Dario

More info soon

Litter D has been born

We introduce you our litter D which has been born on 08.05.2016

6 babies on board :-)

Proud parents are

Benedict ImagineGlamour X Anquilla´s Sand BillAndCoo

Again big thanks belongs to Radka Vacikova who allowed me to make this dream mating.

2 Boys - Dr. House blue solid with white (a09), Django Da Boss black tabby(n22)

4 Girls- Diamond in the sky blue tabby (a22), 2 black solid girls(n) - Double Bubble a Double Trouble, and Dancing queen black tabby with white (n0922)





News in BillAndCoo

We have some news for you :-)

As you might realize, last couple of months we are travelling with our boys and enjoying their show career, however I have few more news I would love to share with you.

News number 1 - we are awating our litter D - we wont tell you anything more at this moment, however we are so excited already - soon we will share with you more details, I promise :-)

News number 2 - our beloved boys will have a new friend who has amazing temper and is for me just perfect in type

Galliano by Imagine Glamour - Radka - thank you SO MUCH for entrusting him to us, you know how we will love him and we cannot wait to have him at home. More infos and photos will follow later.

My dear Thomas, my beloved hubbie, if you read this, Im sorry - but I couldnt resist :-))) - next time I promise I will tell you earlier than I will put this online :-)))))

News number 3 - let us suprise you :-)

International FIFE cat show in Ostrava

During the weekend 09-10.01.2016 we participated in International Fife show in Ostrava.
We went with our Prstik - ECHO OF MAGIC AFTERGLOW, PL
Prstik was behaving amazingly, he enjoyed his first show a lot and he got wonderful results:
Saturday:  EX 1, NOM BIS
Sunday: EX 1, NOM BIS A BIS!
We are very proud and very happy!
A BIG thank you belongs again to  KASIA POLAK - cattery AFTERGLOW, Krakow, Poland!!



International cat show in Lysa nad Labem

We participated in International cat show in Lysa nad Labem during the weekend.

We took our Darecek in age of 4 months and few days.

Im really very happy of his results and how he behaved during his first show:





Thank you for a great show and wonderful people around us!



Mainelynx Dario arrived!

With a smile on my face we announce that another beauty came to us.

On 11.11.2015 our beloved "Dáreček" arrived from Moscow.

You will find more info about him in "Males".


We have new kittens

Our litter B - "Best of Best" - has been born on 01/10/15

More info later :-)

Kittens are from connection

Leaena Prada X FidelityFeline Duo


International show in Karlovy Vary

We participated in International cat show in Karlovy Vary on 30/08/15

BillAndCoo Anquilla´s Sand (4-7 months) - EX1 + BIV

Leaena Whole Lotta Love - EX2

We are very happy and proud of our girls!

This show was truly amazing and we are happy to see so many beautiful cats - we are looking forward for 2016 :-)


International Cat show in Pilsen

We participated in International cat show in Pilsen.

With a big pleasure we are bringing you the results :-)

Leaena Whole Lotta Love - DAY 1 - CAC and NOM BIS, DAY 2 - CAC - as it is her 3rd CAC - she became a champion :-)

BillAndCoo Anquilla´s Sand - DAY 1 - EX 2, DAY 2 - EX 1 + NOM BIS

We are proud of both of our girls :-)

International cat shows

On 17.05.2015 we participated in an International cat show in Prague.

And hereby are the results:

Leaena Whole Lotta love (Vivi), adult category (in age 10 months and 11 days)


We are very proud for our first CAC :-)


On 18-19.04.2015 we participated in an International cat show in Karlovy Vary.

And hereby are the results:

Leaena Whole Lotta love (Vivi), category 7-10 months and she got: 

EX1 both days

We are very happy for her


On 14.03.2015 we participated in an International cat show in Prague.

And hereby are the results:

Leaena Whole Lotta love (Vivi), category 7-10 months and she got: 

EX1, BIV and NOM TO BIS, where she got 1 vote (3 votes won Turkish Angorra)

We are very happy as it was her first show :-)

New photos of kittens


New photos of our kittens are downloaded in "Kittens" section :-)

We have kittens

It is our big pleasure to announce that our first babies were born on 11.02.2015. Parents Liwia BystraxBourbon FidelityFeline. More info will follow soon. Team of "Amazing planet" cannot wait to show their cute faces to the world :-)


Šárka Stará Jetelová
Prague 10, Czech republic
tel. +420608002591
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